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Things I’m used to hearing from people who see themselves as equipped to judge me:

"You’re rude" 

Yes, and so are you. Is this the part where I start caring? Because I don’t. You deserve the same treatment you’re mindlessly dishing out to me.

"You need to take your meds"

God I would love to kill your mind, slowly, and then you, with my former ones. And congratulate myself on knowing so much more about these meds than I ever wanted to, and how to use them against people who suck so bad they deserve to die.

"You’re crazy"

I know. And I’ll hurt you.

"The world doesn’t revolve around you"

You are nothing to me already if you say this. You are so dumb to say this to me. I know that, there’s more people than me, that you exist and that I hate you and your face and your voice and everything that makes up the sorry existence of you. I am selfish, your life is nothing, and I hate you.

"You’re irrational"

I think you’re irrational. You seem like the type who always does irrational things and just uses the word as a way to tell people how to act like it means anything to you at all.

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I'm Shannon.

I'm a 20 year old woman from the USA.

My other blog is

I'm a total bitch and a celibate and I distrust all humans. Abuse and psychological issues are my life story. I hate the world. I smoke like a chimney. Solitude is my haven. I don't want to know most people because they hurt me and I'm not willing to become hurt again.